Timo successfully qualified for the finale of the points race. A points race is a competition usually covering a distance of 3 or 5 km. There are usually 2 free laps where people try to find a position, and then the bell sounds. In the next lap there are 2 points for the first one to cross the line and 1 point for the second. Then there is another free lap and then the bell again with points after. The finale went very fast, so that Timo didn’t quite make any points but was able to join in a good final sprint.

On Saturday’s schedule were the 1000-meter and the elimination race. The first laps are always timed, so it is important to clock a good time. You are with 7 men on the track, and usually you skate together to make good time. Timo was forced to look for a position. It was so windy that day that he had to lead the paceline for 2 laps, and that was extremely hard. Timo was already exhausted and came up just a bit too short at the end for a position in the next lap. There was also an elimination race that day in which he held his own and took 9th place. Timo is thrilled to be a first-year Junior B!

Timo Lamme in actie in Oostende
Timo in action on in-line skates

On Sunday morning, the first event was the marathon for each category. This was a race through the streets of Zandvoorde. For this race, Timo had to skate with top seniors, so it was a challenge. He managed to stay with the pack for a couple of laps. The afternoon inline was still to come. This is a race in which everyone starts together (in this case 44 men), and whoever is the first to cross the finish line after 3 km wins. There was a lot of jostling for position here. Timo still had 3 laps to go and was in 5th place when he was shoved and almost fell…this caused Timo to lose his balance and fall behind in position. He tried to skate a good last lap, but it wasn’t easy to overtake a lot of people sprinting.

Timo placed 12th in the final classification. He is satisfied with this performance, all things considered. Sometimes you have bad luck and sometimes little things go wrong. Next year Timo is in his second year, so he should be able to achieve better results.

The in-line season is now over. Starting this week, Timo will be getting ready again for the ice-skating season!