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Timo in action during an international tournament in Oostende

Timo Lamme

Pampus Media House supports talent. We do this through internships and collaboration with the innovation labs of The Hague University of Applied Sciences . Our support for Timo Lamme shows our enthusiasm for going off the beaten path. Sports are Timo’s passion. In the summer, he trains nearly every day on the inline track or on his racing bike. Last summer, Timo participated in his first National Championship on the inline rink in Heerde. Timo brought home two gold medals, two silvers, and two bronzes!

In the winter, Timo trades his roller skates for ice skates and tries to achieve his dreams in speed skating. His goal is to start on the Dutch Super Sprint Championship and the National Championship Allround for Juniors C. This is achievable by positioning himself in the Western Championship and the Interregional Championship for the national qualifying competition.

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