Our ‘Corona’ precautions

Besides the human health impact -due to the coronavirus (COVID-19)- the fast-changing economic situation has now had a major impact on our daily lives.

This currently demands the utmost from many organizations in terms of speed of action, flexibility and cooperation. Preventing the spread of the coronavirus requires a joint effort by the entire society.

We also follow the reports and advice from the National Government and RIVM closely.

This is why we want to inform you about the measures we have taken to reduce the risks of this outbreak and to ensure that our services continue to run as you expect from us.

Our activities, for which presence at our office location is required, are carried out with a minimum staf and under strict rules.

As our remaining team is fully equipped and were already used to work remotely, clients will not experience an interruption of our services.

In fact, they will hardly notice this.

We wish those of you who have been or are directly affected by the virus, a lot of strength in this difficult time.

Do you have questions about this message, our measures or how we can be of any help Please contact us on info@pampusmediahouse.com